Breeding Report: Pterinochilus murinus

Female's ID: Pt_mu_01

Female's most recent molt: 01 July 2009

Male ID: Pt_mu_07

Male's ultimate molt: 25 July 2009

First pairing: 12 August 2009

Last pairing: 12 August 2009

Total pairings: 1

Eggsac found: 20 October 2009

Eggsac pulled: 23 October 2009

Stage when eggsac was opened: Eggs

Post embryo stage: 4 November 2009

1st instar molt: 14 November 2009

Total 2nd instar spiderlings: 91

I feel comfortable with most the pairings we do now so most are documented with photographs as well as in our notebooks. However, earlier pairings, such as the one detailed above, were not photographed and only recorded in our notebooks.

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