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Privacy Policy

At Great Basin Serpentarium we are committed to your privacy. The following privacy policy details the information we collect and how it is used and stored.

What information Great Basin Serpentarium collect?

Great Basin Serpentarium collects only the contact information that you give us directly (e.g., when you fill out the contact form and shipping/contact information when making a purchase.)

What does Great Basin Serpentarium do with the information collected?

Great Basin Serpentarium uses this information for the intended purposes including:

  1. Responding to inquiries

  2. Communication regarding purchases

Great Basin Serpentarium does not send out unrelated emails, newsletters, or any other unsolicited contact using the contact information you enter. 

Great Basin Serpentarium does not share your personal contact information with third party vendors.

Changes to the Privacy Policy.

Great Basin Serpentarium reserves the right to change, modify, amend, etc. this privacy policy at any time. Please review this frequently for changes. All changes go into effect immediately upon posting to the website. Any changes will be announced on this page. 

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