Breeding Report: Sericopelma sp. "rubronitens"

February 18, 2018

 This one wasn't necessarily successful as the only spiderling to make it full term died during it's 2nd instar molt.  The data, though limited, may still be useful for some attempting to breed this species.






Female's ID: Se_ru_01

Male ID: Loaner male from a local keeper's collection

First pairing: 26 October 2009

Last pairing: 26 October 2009

Total pairings: 1

Eggsac found: 12 January 2010

Eggsac pulled: 26 January 2010

Stage when eggsac was opened: Eggs

Post embryo stage: 31 January 2010

1st instar molt: 10 February 2010

2nd instar molt: 9 March 2010

Total 2nd instar spiderlings: 0 - Only a single first instar made it to the 2nd instar molt, but this one died during the molt.

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