Breeding Report: Poecilotheria striata

February 11, 2018


This eggsac shows one of the biggest bummers when keeping and breeding tarantulas.  Sometimes the female eats the eggsac.  Other times you pull the eggsac and open it only to find mostly slugs (infertile eggs), post embryos that failed to thrive, and only a few (or just 1) viable post embryos.

Female's ID: Po_st_06

Male ID: Po_st_03

First pairing: 3 June 2009

Last pairing: 3 June 2009

Total pairings: 1

Eggsac found: 1 September 2009

Eggsac pulled: 25 October 2009

Stage when pulled: 1st instars 

2nd instar molt: 12 November 2009

Total 2nd instar spiderlings: 1

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