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Lasiodora parahybana (the Salmon pink birdeater) is one of the largest known tarantula species. "LPs", as these are frequently nicknamed, may not get as heavy-bodied as the "Goliath" species (Theraphosa spp.), but they do get to be nearly the same overall legspan. LPs tend to be less sensitive to variations in humidity than the goliaths, which makes taking care of one much easier. Salmon pink birdeating tarantulas, as their name would suggest, have a subtle pinkish coloration to their hairs. The "birdeater" portion of the name is given to nearly all large South American theraphosids, though the title did not originate with the larger species (see Avicularia avicularia).
   These spiders are terrestrial burrowers, endemic to tropical coastal forests in north-eastern Brazil. Lasiodora parahybana grow to be a impressive size of about 9+ inches for females with males being slightly smaller. Female Salmon pink birdeaters can live to be 10-15 years. Males are much shorter lived.

Lasiodora parahybana

  • Available Size:

    • 1.5-2" spiderling
    • 2-3" spiderling
    • 3-4" unsexed juveniles
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