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Holothele longipes

(Trinidad Pink)


Formerly Holothele sanguiniceps and Holothele sp. "Tachira"


Available sizes:

  • 0.75"

Holothele longipes

  • Adult size: 3"

    Growth Rate: Moderate/Fast

    Temperament: Skittish

    Setup: Facultative Burrower

        Adults -> High - Substrate is slightly damp. Water dish should be offered. About once a week water our cages are sprayed to provide some humidity.
        Slings -> Keep damp, NOT wet. Mist as needed.

    Difficulty of Care: Moderate - Relatively easy to care for, but their small size, skittish temperaments, and ease of dessication (particularly with slings) may make them better suited for those with at least a tiny bit of experience.

    Range: Trinidad

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