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Tliltocatl vagans (the Mexican Red Rump tarantula) is one of a handful of species considered to be the “red rump tarantulas”, and it is the epitome of its namesake! It has long, red hairs existing amongst contrastingly shorter, black hairs on its “rump” (aka opisthosoma). It takes a while for them to grow into their colors. But when they do, that bright red against velvet black is quite lovely.

   These tarantulas are terrestrial burrowers, endemic to tropical regions throughout Mexico and Belize. Tliltocatl vagans grow to be a moderate size of about 5-6 inches. The Mexican Red Rump tarantula can live to be 15+ years, though males of most tarantula species tend to be much shorter lived.

Tliltocatl vagans

    • Sizes available:
    • 0.5" spiderling
    • 0.75" spiderling
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