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Tliltocatl sabulosus (Guatemalan redrump tarantula) Similar to T. vagans but the red hairs are not as intense and often more a reddish-orange color. The prosoma is bordered by orangish-red hairs, and the back legs (L4) have long reddish/orange hairs.


Available sizes:

  • 1.5-2"

Tliltocatl sabulosus

  • Adult size: 5"

    Growth Rate: Medium

    Temperament: Calm

    Setup: Facultative Burrower

    Adults -> Moderate - Damp substrate that can dry out somewhat but is never bone dry. Water dish should be offered.
    Slings -> Keep damp, NOT wet. Mist as needed.

    Difficulty of Care: Simple - Easy to care for and forgiving of beginner mistakes.

    Range: Guatemala

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