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Brachypelma emilia (the Mexican painted leg tarantula) is also known as the Mexican redleg, not to be confused with the Mexican red-knees (Brachypelma hamorii and Brachypelma smithi). This tarantula has cantaloupe to marmalade-orange colored tibias and matching carapace save for a distinctive black triangle. The Mexican painted leg tends to be a bit calmer and less of a "hair-kicker" (in regards to urticating hairs) than other species in the Brachypelma genus.

   These spiders are terrestrial burrowers, endemic to dry coastal forests in Mexico. Brachypelma emilia grow to be a moderate size of about 5 inches. Female Mexican painted leg tarantulas can live to be 20+ years. Males are much shorter lived.

Brachypelma emilia

    • Size Available: 0.75" 
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