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Brachypelma albiceps (the Mexican golden red rump tarantula) is a unique standout in a genus dominated by species that typically have red on the knees or legs. Instead, its velvety-black legs have almost a blue sheen to them. This beautiful enigma has a strikingly golden carapace in contrast with its darker rump and legs. In the past, taxonomists have bounced this species between Brachypelma and Aphonopelma.

   These spiders are terrestrial burrowers, endemic to desert regions throughout central highlands of Mexico. Brachypelma albiceps grow to be a moderate size of about 5 inches. Female Mexican golden red rump tarantulas can live to be 20+ years. Males are much shorter lived.

Brachypelma albiceps

    • Size Available: 1" spiderlings
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