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Breeding Report: Theraphosa stirmi

Female's ID: Th_st_08

Female's most recent molt: 9 November 2009

Male ID: Th_st_10; Th_st_33; Th_st_35

Male's ultimate molt: February 2009 (Thst10); December 2009 (Thst33); March 2010 (Thst35)

First pairing: 15 December 2009

Last pairing: 20 May 2010

Total pairings: 4

Eggsac found: 8 June 2010

Eggsac pulled: 23 July 2010

Stage when eggsac was opened: 1st instars

2nd instar molt: 16 August 2010

Total 2nd instar spiderlings: 6

When the eggsac was opened, I found a mix of 1st instars and infertile eggs. Fungus was covering bit of the bad eggs so the mass was removed, the living 1st instars carefully separated from the infertile eggs and fungus, and incubation continued from there.

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