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Weekly (monthly) Update

I had hoped to post weekly updates when I started this and I'll still work toward that goal. The last month has been incredibly busy. Blue tongues are nearly all done pairing so the wait begins for babies. However, the Merauke (Tiliqua gigas evanescens) and Irian Jaya blueys have already starting giving birth! A few litters down and hopefully quite a few more to go before the year is out. Carpet pythons have begun dropping eggs. The ball pythons should be close behind. Colubrids are awake from brumation and pairing began in early March. A bunch have already ovulated.

Spiders are still going strong. Nearly 2 dozen eggsacs are incubating now and more are being made each week. Keep checking the online store to see the new additions.

Monitors are digging now so we should see more ackie eggs very soon.

And the weather has been nice! Already I've photographed nearly 20% of Utah's herp species since the year began! Yesterday I was finally able to see and photograph Lithobates luteiventris!

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