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Week in Review

Technically this covers two weeks as we've been so busy I've missed last week's update! We’ve had new additions (Pyxicephalus adspersus), more eggs (retics, leachies, & gargoyle geckos), more eggsacs (details on them as they progress), and more blue tongues pairings. The Tanimbar blue tongues (Tiliqua scincoides chimera) are finally pairing too bringing the total to include northerns, IJs, Merauke, Keis, and tannies! Keep watching for updates as the year progresses.

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Breeding Report: Poecilotheria vittata

Female's ID: Po_vi_14 Female's most recent molt: 5 May 2010 Male ID: Po_vi_10; Po_vi_11 Male's ultimate molt: 20 April 10 (Povi10); 20 February 2010 (Povi11) First pairing: 1 June 2010 Last pairing: 2

Breeding Report: Avicularia avicularia

Female's ID: Av_av_13 Female's most recent molt: 17 June 2010 Male ID: Av_av_09 Male's ultimate molt: 10 July 2010 First pairing: 20 July 2010 Last pairing: 3 September 2010 Total pairings: 2 Eggsac f

Breeding Report: Poecilotheria ornata

Female's ID: Po_or_04 Female's most recent molt: 1 March 2010 Male ID: Po_or_08 Male's ultimate molt: 1 March 2010 First pairing:5 May 2010 Last pairing: 5 May 2010 Total pairings: 1 Eggsac found: 12

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