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2018 Goals for Great Basin Serpentarium

A new year and a few goals we have at Great Basin Serpentarium. We will strive to accomplish these over the next 12 months and keep you all up to date along the way.

1. Produce 4 monitor species. We currently have pairs of Varanus yuwonoi, V. [auffenbergi] timorensis, V. macraei, V. rudicollis, V. panoptes, and V. dumerilii. Some of the pairs are already together and mating so hopefully we'll be able to update this soon with pictures of CB babies!

2. Produce tarantulas from 30 species. Currently we have dozens of males making the rounds so over the next few months we'll post pictures of the successful eggsacs.

3. Photograph at least 80% of Utah's herp species. We have a number of trips planned to get out in the field and photograph the local wildlife. Keep watching the BioBlog for updates on what we find.

4. Add crocodilians and helodermatids to our collection. The state and city have a permit process that we have to go through, but we should be well on our way to expanding what we keep by the end of the year.

Keep checking back throughout the year as we update on our progress!

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