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What We Are About


100% captive bred.


If it is on our pricelist, then it is captive bred  That means you don't need to worry about parasite loads, dehydrated/stressed imports, or a variety of other problems that can come with a wild caught animal. 


Educated staff.


We believe education is the best way to eliminate irrational fears and replace them with a healthy respect and desire to preserve the amazing wildlife on this planet.  That is why we are constantly working to learn more about these animals each day.  Our staff aims to go beyond knowledge of basic care to learn and discover more about habitats, biology, behaviors and more.




We work with a wide variety of animals and bring over 20 years of experience to our care.  We have cared for hundreds of species and have experience with breeding many of them.  Most the animals we sell are produced right here in our own facility!


Competitive pricing.


We offer top quality animals at competitive prices. Buy with confidence knowing when you purchase from us you will get a healthy, thriving, captive bred animal.  As it grows we will be there to answer questions and help you keep your new pets healthy and happy.


Quality animals.


We ensure our animals are healthy and that any new babies are eating regularly and thriving before sending them to a new home.  We select for the best looking traits.  Our animals receive quality care and are fed proper diets to promote their longevity.


No hybrids.


We steer clear of hybridization.  It can be confusing when too many things overlap to get what you want, and it defeats the purpose of conservation of these animals.  You deserve to know what you're getting, and we owe it to the animals in our hobby to preserve them to the best of our ability for future generations to see what nature offers us.


Proper and legal shipping.


Our hobby is falling victim to illegal shipping or "brown-boxing".  We ship soley through approved carriers and make sure our boxes are appropriately marked.  Be confident in knowing we have experience with shipping animals in all sorts of weather conditions.  We know how to ship your animal properly so it arrives safely to you and we are comfortable waiting for extreme weather to pass in order to ensure your animal arrives safe, sound, and in a condition that we'd be proud to put our name behind!


We care!


These animals are our lives.  We care about them and where they go.  That is why it is so important to us that you are able to choose the right animal for you.  We are honest in providing details about an animal which may affect you.  We can help direct you toward an animal you are ready for, best suited to care for, and will enjoy keeping.  We want our animals to go to permanent, caring homes and for you to stay excited and happy with your pet for years to come.

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