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A lifetime of learning.

When I was a little kid I used to visit this pet store near our house. I would stare into the cages with all these amazing animals I knew nothing about. I wanted to learn more, to work with them, to see them up close.


This started a lifelong obsession. I spent every moment I could reading about different animals so much so that I exhausted my school’s library of its books and had to move on to the county library! Soon after the internet became a reality in people’s homes. More information was now literally at my fingertips.


The sense of wonder inspired by those animals was a major catalyst for me to attend college and get my Ph.D. in biology. It is that desire to share that excitement and appreciation for the natural world with others that drove me to create Great Basin Serpentarium.


Promoting education, captive propagation, and responsible pet ownership.


Great Basin Serpentarium has given me the opportunity to bring like-minded people together into my staff who share my excitement for the animals and passion for learning more about them.


Captive breeding projects allow us to offer healthy animals in an ethical and sustainable way so that pet hobbyists can have confidence when purchasing our animals. It is so important to us that your experience be positive because we never want you to become discouraged or lose enthusiasm for these amazing animals. 


We care deeply about our animals. We believe the best way to educate and encourage a desire to learn more about these animals and nature is to remove the barrier of distance. To instill the importance of these animals in our lives and our world they must be an up close experience or they will be forgotten.


Our Story

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