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Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilota cheynei)

1st - 7th  pic - The available 2023 baby

8th pic - 2022 Yearling from the same parents

 9th pic - Sire

10th  pic - Dam

Zebra Jungle Carpet Python (Female ID: 23EC5F)

    • Individual ID: 23EC5F
    • Hatched: 14 July 2023
    • Sex: Female
    • Sire: Zebra jungle carpet
    • Dam: Jungle carpet
  • Every animal we offer is captive bred. You won't need to worry about parasite loads, dehydrated/stressed imports, or a variety of other problems that can come with wild caught animals. Captive breeding projects allow us to offer healthy animals in an ethical and sustainable way.

       We ensure our new hatchlings/babies are eating regularly, pooping regularly, and behaving like a little baby animal should before sending them to a new home. When you purchase from us, you will get a healthy, thriving, captive bred animal.

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