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Northern Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia


Blueys are one of the top pet lizards out there. Their generally placid temperament, robust size, and omnivorous diet make them easy to care for and interact with. With work, most blueys calm down to become incredibly sweet toward their keepers (not toward other blue tongues - these should be housed individually). Northern blue tongues get to be a sturdy size of 22-24" in total length on average, though some will get even larger. Blueys have a generalist diet and will eat a wide variety of foods. Much of what they eat can be kept on-hand in the pantry or fridge (See "Diet" below). Each bluey has its own unique personality. Part of the enjoyment of keeping a blue-tongued skink is discovering their favorite treat*, figuring out their preferred scritch spot, and decorating their enclosure just right.


Diet: One of the easier diets to keep on hand is a high-protein wet/canned dog food. Add* some chopped leafy greens, some grated/chopped veggies, and/or some mashed fruit, and dust it with calcium powder. Feed an adult bluey about an icecream scoop portion 3-4 times per week. Excess can be kept in the freezer, or fridge for up to a week, and thawed to room temp for meal time.


*Recommended additions, portion ratios, treat ideas, and further details in the works.

Northern Blue Tongue Skink (ID: 23R7) - Minor tail tip imperfection

    • Individual ID: 23R7
    • Born: 31 March 2023
    • Sex: Unknown
    • Sire: 18H1M
    • Dam: 19CK13F
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