2022 Captive Bred Blue Spot Timor Monitor


*Minor imperfection - The babies in the 22GI clutch all have minor imperfections in their spines. This one has a small imperfection that can be felt along the thoracic vertebrae. The babies are eating, growing and doing everything we'd expect them too, but the imperfection, though minor, is there. I've done my best to show the irregularity in the last photo above. The parents to this litter have produced other clutches that had babies with no issues so we think these imperfections are due to an error in incubation. That said it is probably better that these individuals are pets and not used in breeding projects.*


ID: 22GI2


Sex: Unsexed


Hatched: 25 June 2022


Sire: 17I7M


Dam: 15M1F

Captive Bred Blue Spot Timor Monitor - ID: 22GI2 - *Minor Imperfection i