2021 CB blue spot Timor monitor - Captive bred in our facility - not WC and not hatched from eggs of an imported WC female. 


ID: 21FD3


Hatched: 19 July 2021


Sire: 17I1M


Dam: 15M1F


Note: Most WC animals fade over time and lose the blue ocelli. Also, every CB baby we've produced and every CH baby we've seen has only had at most a slight hint of blue ocelli. 


We have built up a diverse group of adults and started producing captive bred baby blue spot Timor monitors back in 2016. As this project continues to come to fruition we’ll be offering more captive bred babies of this amazing species. 


These monitors go by a few different names including Blue spot Timor monitors, Roti isle Timor monitors, Auffenberg’s monitor, and peacock monitors. In addition, most the "Timor" monitors imported over the last decade or so were this species even though they were sold under the name "Timor monitor or V. timorensis. They were split from the other Timor monitors (V. timorensis complex) and put into their own species, V. “auffenbergi,” in 1999. I have a few reservations about the species description (hence the quotation marks) but that’s for another rant.

Captive Bred Blue Spot Timor Monitor - 2021 Baby - ID: 21FD3